There is nothing immoral about Monsanto’s Terminator GM seeds, it seems to solve many problems. It does not hurt farmers in rural areas, they can still save some of their seeds, they can simply buy seeds that someone else makes or pay more for Monsanto’s non-terminating regular seeds. It actually opens the door to small entrepreneurs and co-ops and the organic farmers if the consumers choose otherwise. seedbusinesses

Small poor regions of the Globe may wish to save their seeds, nothing is stopping them from saving those seeds. This may very well be an incredible bonus for them and spur on a new seed business on top of their crop business. If they say their seeds are not worth saving, then do not save them. But if they are wanting to feed more people for less using the R and D efforts of Monsanto then pay for it. If they do not wish to pay for them then they can save their own, if they cannot meet the increasing hunger demands in some of these third world countries then STOP reproducing humans so fast. Or use GM Seeds and crops.

The world without GM Crops probably cannot be maintained more than two more decades and why start from behind in crisis, Monsanto has solved those problems now, done deal. These seeds use less water which is going to be a huge world wide issue in the next 25 years where over 5 Billion humans will be without the water resources they need.

The World Bank is looking ahead to try to curb this issue but the populations are rising and the droughts are shrinking supplies. Lets think this through before we condemn the free market efforts of Monsanto research in their quest to make a profit and feed the world shall we? Think about it, we are.